Guest Speakers

Michael Jordan: Purpose Of Life 12/01/19

Rick Harris: Class 10.23.19

Rick Harris: How To Show Christ In Our Lives 10/20/19

Michael Jordan: The Day Christ Came Again 10/13/19

Rick Harris: Class 10.09.19

Rick Harris: How To Accept God’s Will, When It Is Contrary To Your Own 10/06/19

Michael Jordan: Class 09.15.19

Rick Harris: How To Approach God’s Word 09/08/19 PM

Michael Jordan: The Joy Of Singing 09/08/19 AM

Michael Jordan: Class 09.08.19

Michael Jordan: The Necessity Of The Ascesion Of Christ 06/23/19

Michael Heaton: Time 01.13.19

Steven Canup: 04.21.19 Class

Steven Canup: 04.21.19 Yardsale Religion

Steven Canup: 04.21.19 You Can Know That You Know

Steven Canup: 04.22.19 Fervent In Prayer

Steven Canup: 04.23.19 Some Things About Hell 

Steven Canup: 04.24.19 Things Worth Fighting For 

Steven Canup: 04.25.19 When Sodom Was In Lots Family 

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